Founded in 1922, the A Lyga, Lithuania’s premier football league, has been a central pillar in the country’s footballing landscape. This competition, characterized by its spirited matches and commitment to showcasing Lithuanian football talent, serves as the stage where clubs compete for supremacy and the coveted league title.

The A Lyga operates on a straightforward system, featuring eight teams that engage in a double round-robin format. Each team faces its counterparts twice – once at home and once away – in the pursuit of the league title. The compact nature of the league ensures a competitive environment, with clubs striving to secure a place at the top of the standings.

Over the years, certain clubs have risen to prominence within the A Lyga, leaving an enduring mark on Lithuanian football. FK Žalgiris, founded in 1947, stands as one of the most successful and storied clubs, boasting numerous league titles. Other clubs such as FK Suduva and FK Riteriai have also made significant contributions, adding layers of tradition and competition to the league.

The list of past winners in the A Lyga reflects the competitive nature of Lithuanian football. FK Žalgiris, FK Suduva, and FK Ekranas have been perennial contenders, each enjoying periods of dominance. The rotation of champions adds an element of unpredictability to the competition, keeping fans engaged and enthusiastic throughout the season.